All of our passion is dedicated to you!

The Scuola di sci e snowboard Tonale Presena is in the Tonale Pass, in Trentino.
One office is located on the main street, in the same building as the ticket office, completely new and renovated!
We have the second location directly on the slopes, at the foot of the Valena chairlift.

Our goal is to make you happy.
Whatever is your level or the sport you’re interested in, in our School you’ll find professionalism and care for you, your kid and for the whole family. We’ll create the best experience tailored to your desires!

Rely on us.
The Scuola di Sci Tonale Presena is the biggest and more versatile skiing school of Tonale.
Many years of activity, a lot of stories and experiences that are part of our own growth. Today we have 56 teachers and instructors, all well prepared and enthusiastic, with a great passion for their job, a passion you can count on.